Saturday, September 1, 2018

How I made $2000 Winning Free Demo Trading Contests (forex and binary options)

A good resource for those who want to make extra income in the Forex Market without any risk exposure.

Prizes won - 12 times

And just last week August 20, 2018 - August 24, 2018 another 1st position attained7
(pending verification period)

Hi, my name is Temitayo Akinrinola and I go by Teemy in forex circles. I hope the intro video was explanatory enough but having you do verification yourself is also in line.

I did a bit of explaining (4 hours long) on how I did win contest prized and how you can as well.

It's free money folks and every year since 2011 save for 2013, I have had an extra income source with just doing a little extra when chanced to. Not successful at all the contests though but the accolades are growing.

What you would learn

  • Introduction to trading contests
  • How i won them and Contest Strategies
  • Brief Discussion about Trading Systems
  • How to get better performance with Tools
  • Closing advice

You get the video book in all the versions below

No reason for a loooong sales copy.

You know what to do next.

I need this!

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